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Just Arrived

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Just Arrived
  • The War Within The Warrior

    Within everyone one of us is a warrior. But within every warrior, there is a war. In this teaching, Prophet Tracy Cooke goes into detail concerning the battles that are fought within every warrior of God. We know how to fight the wars externally but what happens when the war is within you?


  • Dismantling The Powers of Witchcraft - Intro

    In this 3-part series, Prophet Tracy teaches in-depth what the Spirit of Witchcraft is, how to know you are being affected by it, and how to overcome this demon in your life!

    You do not want to miss this powerful teaching. In this teaching, we will be discussing things such as:

    • Where is witch...

  • From The Lamb's Manger To The Lion's Roar!

    Join Prophet Tracy and the Cooke Revivals Team this Easter weekend live on Facebook, YouTube, and CRTV!

    This Easter weekend, Prophet Tracy will be teaching an Easter message you will not want to miss. Watch with us as we go from the Lamb's Manger to the Lion's Roar!